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Edinburgh Gin goes for Three Kings theme

By Lia Sanders on 1/12/14 3:00 PM

Happy first day of Advent! Don’t worry – unlike the battered Black Friday shoppers, you are not about to be bombarded with Christmas with a capital X.

Yet a word has to go to one of the most seasonal spirits available. If you are calling on anyone this advent, you could do worse than take inspiration from the original nativity gift-givers by bringing a bottle of Edinburgh Gin’s first Christmas spirit.

The Three Wise Men style drink may be low on gold, but it takes frankincense and myrrh as its botanicals, as well as being infused with nutmeg.

Edinburgh Gin distils small batches of gin at its headquarters underneath the Rutland Hotel in Edinburgh. This is their second gin to be made in their city centre distillery.

Only 1,200 700ml bottles have been produced, selling for £35. A donation from the profits will go to St Columba’s Hospice, an Edinburgh charity.

But best of all are the punning opportunities available. Just put on a “Maggie Smith as Edinburgh schoolmistress Miss Jean Brodie” accent and ask “Would anyone like some MYRRH?”