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Emergency drinks

By Lia Sanders on 25/12/14 3:00 PM

Happy Christmas! Yet everyone knows that Christmas is not without difficulties. By this stage in the day there may have come a point where the drinks have begun to flow a little less freely. Perhaps you are running short of supplies without any open shops nearby. Here is our guide to making the drink last longer, with simple recipes that you can make with stuff that is already in your cupboards.

Champagne cocktail

At least on Christmas day, everyone should have Champagne in the house. The traditional cocktail involves soaking a white sugar cube in a few dashes of Angostura bitters and adding it to a measure of cognac and topping up with Champagne. Should you not have all the ingredients, adding a spoonful of white or brown sugar allows you to claim that you have made a “cocktail”. Be warned – it will cause the drink to fizz up.


Pouring out equal measures of beer and lemonade is a clever way of dealing with any loaves and fishes problems, particularly as you are likely to have both in the house. Proper beer drinkers may turn up their noses but they can be won run if you tip the balance of the drink in favour of the beer.