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Everything you need to know about Pimm’s

By Lia Sanders on 14/05/15 11:00 AM

Yesterday we brought you the perfect Pimm’s recipe; today we answer all of your pimmy questions.

Why No.1?

There were variations of Pimm’s, from 1 through to 6, which used different base spirits. Only the classic gin-based No.1 and vodka-based No.6 are still made by the company, although a variation on the brandy-based No.3 was revived as Pimm’s Winter Cup, with added fruits and spices.

What is the cup?

The “cup” in the name refers to “fruit cups“, a type of traditional English drink that would be made into a long drink by being diluted with something non-alcoholic.

Who invented it?

Legend has it that oyster bar owner James Pimm started selling small tankards of the stuff in 1840s London. The mixture of gin and a secret recipe of herbs and liqueurs was originally sold as an aid to digestion.

Why is it popular in New Orleans?

In the US, the drink is mainly associated with the Big Easy, largely because of a bar owner in the 1940s who wanted a refreshing drink that wouldn’t get his patrons too drunk.

Why is it popular in England?

It feels like a self-explanatory question – but it should be remembered that Pimm’s fortunes were revived in the early noughties with the ‘Pimm’s o’clock’ campaign.