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“Fancy body-shots” at Valentine whisky tasting

By Lia Sanders on 9/02/15 11:00 AM

Body shots are not conventionally associated with romance. Yet food design company Bombas & Parr is hosting a Valentine’s Day event where you can sip whisky from the contours of performers bodies.

Each “fancy body-shot” is paired with a particular performer based on age: a 25-year-old whisky is drunk off a 25-year-old performer and so on up until a 50-year-old whisky is drunk off a 50-year-old’s body.

The anatomical whisky tasting claims “gustatory and intellectual benefits”. Bombas & Parr said: “The heat of the body will raise the temperature of the whisky, helping to showcase the flavours as guests form a uniquely intimate bond with the performers.”

As the spirit is drunk from each performer they will tell their life story, in order to help the drinker “grasp the full magnitude of the years the spirit has lain in cask, slowly gaining in complexity and maturity”.

Bombas & Parr add that since older spirits are seen as superior there is “recompense for the fact that you are sipping your 50-year-old whisky from the naval of a half-century-old Hell’s Angel”.

The event will be held at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch on Saturday 14 February. Tickets are available for £48 for the 3-5pm session and the 7-9pm session.