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“Feminist” beer launched in Brazil

By Lia Sanders on 26/03/15 11:00 AM

A Brazilian activist group has created a “feminist beer”.

Cerveja Feminista is intended to challenge the way women are portrayed in advertising.  The beer label carries the symbol for gender equality alongside a definition of feminism. It is hoped that this provocative labeling will lead to pub discussions about the way that women are portrayed in Brazilian society.

The beer was though up by creative activist group 65|10. The group was created by advertising creatives and named after the fact that 65% of Brazilian women do not feel represented in advertising and only 10% of people working in Brazilian advertising are women.

Thais Fabris, one of the founders of the group, said: “The typical Brazilian beer ad—and we’re talking about big brands with big money here—shows a semi-naked standard-beauty woman being harassed by men.”

She added: “Our hope is that, once you put a beer on the table with ‘Feminist’ written on it, people will have no other subject to discuss.”

The Independent pointed out that UK viewers will also be familiar with sexist advertising, citing a Stella Artois ad.