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Give thanks for fruity punch

By Lia Sanders on 27/11/14 3:00 PM

Admittedly, the turkey-fest of Thanksgiving still has not taken off this side of the Atlantic. However, that is no reason not to raise a glass to the day before the Christmas period descends on us. These punches allow you, like the Americans, to gather with friends and family to celebrate the fruits of the season.

Apple Pie Punch (serves 8)

1 apple, chopped or sliced
40 oz apple cider
16 oz pear nectar
24 oz ginger ale
Combine cider, pear nectar and ginger ale. Stir well. Place apple slices inside pitcher.
Pour over ice and serve. Or, if you want to serve it warm, heat all of the liquid ingredients on a low heat. Simmer for a few minutes until warm, place apple slices in the pot and serve in mugs.

Sparkling Pomegranate Punch (serves 12)

40 oz pomegranate juice
16 oz fresh orange juice, strained
16 oz chilled limeade
75 cl bottle of Prosecco
Lime and orange slices, for garnish
7 oz pomegranate seeds
In a punch bowl, combine the pomegranate juice, orange juice and limeade. Pour in the Prosecco, float lime and orange slices on top. Ladle into 12 ice-filled glasses, sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and serve.

Image credit: Alby Headrick