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Harris Tweed scarf now comes with whisky smell

By Lia Sanders on 9/12/14 3:00 PM

Imagine a tweed scarf, laced with the smell of whisky. It sounds like something that would belong to the archetypal grandfather – in reality it is the latest fashion item from Harris Tweed.


Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Designs have worked together with the tweed company in order to come up with a “smart fabric” which gives off the aroma of Johnnie Walker’s Black Label whisky, withstanding multiple dry cleans.


The scent – called Aqua Alba – is of “rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit and dark chocolate tones”, according to Johnnie Walker.

Donald Mackay, who leads the finishing department at the Harris Tweed mill in the Hebrides, said: “I have worked with aromas in the past but they were only meant to withstand one dry clean.

“The process we have devised for Johnnie Walker means that this scent is layered into the fabric throughout the finishing process and is permanently imbued in the tweed”.

Harris Tweed’s whisky-scented clothes were launched last week in Berlin and are going to be sold throughout Europe.


Until then, we are sure that there are more old fashioned ways of ensuring your clothes smell of spirits.