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Hole in the wall beer tap in Czech village

By Lia Sanders on 3/06/15 11:00 AM

A hole in the wall style beer tap in a Czech village has been a hit with locals and touring cyclists.

Martin Povysil, a home brewer who lives in the village, installed the beer machine – which is similar to a bank or coffee machine, only with a tap – on an outside wall of the community centre in Uhrinovice.

Povysil came up with the idea because there was no pub in the 75 people village. However, he sensed a gap in the market.

He said: “Normal pubs open in the evenings and at weekends but they are mostly closed during the day, leaving your tourist or cyclist dry.”

The outdoor “pub” is made up of three picnic tables and the self-service machine. To operate it, you just grab a cup from the storage rack, insert a coin and scan your ID to prove you are over 18.

Lemonade is also available from the machine, at the same price – 20 Czech koruna (73 euro cents, 80 US cents) a pint.

Povysil estimates he sells a 30-litre keg on a rainy week but three 50-litre kegs per week in summer.