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How to Make Sloe Gin

By Anna Spooner on 5/11/16 11:30 AM

There’s nothing quite like a shot of sloe gin to warm your cockles on a long wintery walk, or topped up Champagne or Prosecco for a provocatively named ‘Sloegasm’.


So, whether you’ve been out venturing shrub-side or just popped down to a local supermarket, if you’ve got your sloes and your ready-to-go then we’ve got the recipe for you!

Remember, you should leave about two months to mature your sloe gin, so make sure you make it early enough if you want to enjoy it over Christmas!


The Method

1 – The quickest way is to pop your berries in the freezer in a large bowl of freezer bag and leave them overnight. The water expanding inside the berries will cause them to burst, which saves a LOT of time piercing each one with a pin.

2 – Next, half fill your chosen bottle or jars with the fruit and top up the rest with a good quality gin. We would recommend something like Caorunn, Tanqueray 10The Botanist or Gordon’s.

3 – Sloes are tart, so you will need to add some sugar. If you’re making a litre bottle, then a table spoon and a half of caster sugar will do. If it’s bigger or smaller than that, just multiply or divide.

4 – Every few weeks, rotate the jar or bottle to make sure that all the sloes are getting in contact with all the gin

5 – About a week before it’s due to be ready (so about 7 weeks after you have made it) give it a taste, and if it’s a little bit tart then add some simple sugar syrup. You can buy this in supermarkets or you can make a simple syrup by mixing sugar and water in a pan, bringing to boil and then letting cool.

6 – Enjoy!!