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How to make the perfect Pimm’s

By Lia Sanders on 13/05/15 11:00 AM

For some, the summer is incomplete without a glass of chilled Pimm’s in hand. At this time of year every bar starts offering their take on the classic drink in all sorts of permutations. It can all go so very wrong.

To avoid ending up with a watery glass of mushy fruit, try making this recipe yourself. It takes a little more effort but it sure is worth it. Refrain from adding green apple since it doesn’t add much flavour and don’t be tempted to go for cheap lemonade. Chin chin.

The Perfect Pimm’s


Pimm’s No. 1


To garnish:

Cucumber slices
Orange slices
A squeeze of lemon
Crushed Mint


Mix the Pimm’s, mint, cucumber slices and squeeze of lemon. Do this an hour before you plan to drink it so you can stick it in the fridge, letting the flavours infuse and so that it’s well-chilled. Add the strawberries and orange just before serving so they don’t go mushy. Fill tall glasses with ice and fill with one part Pimm’s to three parts lemonade. Enjoy!