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How to Make the Perfect Snowball Cocktail

By Anna Spooner on 21/12/16 11:30 AM

Snowball cocktails have fallen out of favour a little. But with food and clothing having a retro renaissance, we’re seeing a rise in these old-fashioned favourites too. So, what is a Snowball cocktail and what is the perfect recipe?

The two main ingredients in a Snowball are lemonade and Advocaat, but there are plenty of other optional extras to suit your taste.

Warnicks Advocaat

Firstly, it’s important to decide whether to buy your Advocaat straight from your favourite supermarket, or make a homemade version – a concoction of egg, brandy and sugar syrup. The shop bought version is Dutch and bright yellow so you’re bound to spot it on the supermarket shelf (or right at the back of your drinks cupboard from many Christmases ago!)

Then secondly, what other ingredients do you want to add to really shake things up?

One of the most popular options is undoubtedly cognac. Many people recommend adding the cognac to the Advocaat to give it that extra kick before pouring on the lemonade.

Another very popular addition is a squeeze of lime which gives it a zing that freshens it up and soothes the rich alcohol tones.

Garnishes also vary. Some go hell-for-leather on the retro front and pop some glacier cherries in the top, others stick with the winter theme and go for something like clementines or a stick of cinnamon. Really, the choice is yours on this one!

Snowball Cocktail - Image by Homemade By You
Snowball Cocktail – Image by Homemade By You

We tried a few versions of the Snowball, and this one from Homemade By You is our favourite; it’s incredibly easy and perfect for parties with plenty of guests becuase there’s no faffing around with a shaker…


4 ice cubes

40ml Warninks Advocaat

Lemonade (to top up)

Juice of 1 lime wedge

1 Sliced orange for garnish


Fill highball glass with ice

Add ingredients into the glass and stir

Garnish with orange slice