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Hungover hedgehog recovers from bender

By Lia Sanders on 5/06/15 11:00 AM

A hedgehog is recovering after it was found passed out in a gutter having finished off a broken bottle of advocaat.

The hedgehog was found by an animal rescue centre in Arnhem, Holland in a pool of the brandy-based drink.

Osuuin Geushans, the hedgehog’s rescuer, said: “If you compare him to a human he is the guy collapsed outside the pub at 6am in the morning.

“At the moment he is just lying there and if you try to touch him he makes a little noise like ‘eurrgh’ get off me and he is snoring.”

The hedgehog is thought to have been attracted to the egg in the liqueur and then become drunk. Alternatively he may have got the liquid on himself and have been trying to lick it off.

Geushans added: “We see lots of animals injured by what people leave behind, it is sort of funny this time, but people need to know to look after their stuff”

The animal shelter deals with 200 to 300 injured hedgehogs every year, which have usually become entangled in netting or hit by a vehicle.

The hedgehog is expected to make a full recovery.