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Introducing: Agwa De Bolivia

By Amber Rolt on 27/06/14 10:00 AM

Agwa De Bolivia is the world’s first coca liqueur. It contains 37 different herbs and botanicals, which are blended together to create a unique taste. Don’t be put off by the almost fluorescent green colour, this is from its other crucial ingredients: Amazonian Guarana; ginseng; Chinese green tea; African Mint; Argentinean black mountain tea; lavender and cucumber.

The coca leaves are picked 2000 meters above the Bolivian Andes. They are then packed in bales and shipped to Amsterdam where they are finely cut into a maceration tank and distilled to a strength of 78-82%. The distillate is then left to rest, and once settled the other ingredients are added. The final result is a 30% ABV liquor with notes of mint and herbs and a dry finish.

Agwa can be served straight, as a shot with a slice of lime, or used in cocktails. It has gained the attention of mixologists who are using it in their own Agwa versions of margaritas, mojitos and caipirinhas.

The recommended serving temperature is at minus 17 degress. Agwa spokesperson Eloise Varma says “the freeze down process crystallises the colour and concentrates the dry peppery flavour of the coca leaf leaving a tingling sensation in the mouth. The colder it is, the better it tastes.”

You can find out more about Agwa de Bolivia on their website.