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It’s a dog’s life – launching a beer made for pooches

By Lia Sanders on 22/01/15 11:00 AM

Canine companions will be able to enjoy a beer with their owners when a Belgium company launches a beer for dogs in the next two weeks.

The appropriately named Snuffle is an alcohol free beer containing Vitamin B, oils, minerals and chicken or beef flavoring. It is made in a brewery and is safe for humans, with company spokesman Stefaan Dielens describing it as tasting ‘a bit like chicken bouillon’.

‘At the moment, if a dog sees you drinking he might come over and think “Hey, where’s mine?”, but we hope there will now be a stronger connection between dog and owner,’ he added, explaining why they had come up with the product.

The drink will go on sale at Pets at Home stores and the retailers recommend that while a big dog should be able to manage two bottles a day, a small one only needs half a bottle.

The concept follows in the footsteps of a Newcastle pub which started selling beef-flavoured zero-alcohol beer to furry patrons in 2012. Although the pub manager did admit: ‘It’s pretty revolting and my dog doesn’t like it .’