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It’s official: cocktails are in

By Amber Rolt on 16/10/14 10:00 AM

In light of recent London Cocktail Week (which was a massive hit, by the way) some new stats have emerged which reveal that cocktail sales are at an all time high.

This is mainly down to younger consumer’ thirst for classics such as Mojitos and Margaritas, which are often the choice at post-work drinks in favour of wine or beer. This thirst has pushed UK cocktail sales up by 10% in the last tow years (which in mathematical terms is a lot of Mojitos).

These stats come from the new Mixed Drinks Report 2014, and reveals that not only have sales risen, but more than one in five UK outlets are now serving cocktails.

More and more mainstream venues such as pubs and bars are offering the delights of staples such as the Piña Colada, Woo Woo and Sex on the Beach, with the Mojito making its way to the top of the list as officially our favourite cocktail.

Both boys and girls are enjoying these drinks, with a 54% to 46% balance between female and male drinkers. One particular shift lies within the 18-35 year old demographic, where consumers are increasingly choosing to drink cocktails throughout the night rather than just as an aperitif.

So why not have a think about what your favourite cocktail and let us know by tweeting us.

Tune in tomorrow for a winter warmer cocktail, and check out the latest deals on spirits before heading to the bar to make your own at home.