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Japanese grapes hit the big time

By Amber Rolt on 10/07/14 10:00 AM

A single bunch of Japanese grapes sold for more than £3,000 at auction, leaguing them ahead of Champagne.

According to the Japanese Times, the grapes on auction were prized Ruby Roman table grapes from Ishikawa Prefecture. 30 bunches, each weighing around 800 grams were up for grabs, kick starting the buying season for this grape in pursuit.

In terms of numbers, the highest bid was more than ¥550,000 (£3,160), and is said to have been made by a businessman from the city of Kanazawa. Yet Champagne sits on the shelf at no more than £5 per kilo.

There are big things in store for Ruby Roman grapes, and it is estimated that they could sell at least 16,000 bunches this year. For a grape that was only first introduced in 2008, and is already punching above Champagne, that’s not bad going.