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LGBT history month – rainbow cocktail

By Lia Sanders on 3/02/15 11:00 AM

What better way to celebrate LGBT history month than with a drink that not-so-subtly says ‘pride’? Rainbow cocktails have a certain simple appeal to them but it is difficult to achieve that perfect spectrum of colours.

One option is to make your drink a combination of clear liquids (such as vodka, elderflower liqueur and soda water) which is added to ice that has been dyed all different colours with food dye. A slightly cleverer approach is to use fruit colours to get you that rainbow effect.

Rainbow Sangria

Ingredients (makes one tall glass)

1 glass of white wine
40-60 ml fresh orange juice
40 ml apple juice or another sweet juice (pear works nicely)
20-40 ml ginger ale (or other fizzy drink – apple or orange flavoured drinks work well too)
Rainbow colored fruits (eg strawberries, tangerine, pineapple, green grapes, blackberries and blueberries)
Optional: 20 ml brandy


Add the fruit in rainbow order to a tall glass. Then pour in the wine and fruit juice. Top it off with the ginger ale. Add the brandy over top as well if using.