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Low Alcohol Wines

By Bring a Bottle on 3/01/14 3:27 PM

January is the month when New Year’s resolutions are started and broken, the problem is a lot of people set themselves unrealistic goals like cutting out, fatty food, alcohol, smoking, chocolate as well as signing up to the gym only to go once over the course of the month. Instead of cutting things out why not just tweak your normal regime, I have decided to give up smoking for January so my one treat at the end of each day is a drink, however I still want to attempt to be a little healthier over the course of this month, therefore when at home I have been swapping my preferred wine brand for low alcohol equivalents.

In the last year many drinks brands have launched low alcohol alternatives, there are now no shortages of choices You can find ’light’ wine, especially white, rosé, red and sparkling in most supermarkets, Banrock Station Light Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc is just as good as your normal chardonnay there’s also a growing range of lower alcohol beers on offer, which have improved dramatically since they were first introduced.

Here is link to a selection of low alcohol drinks on offer to help you be more virtuous over the course of January.

Low Alcohol Wines