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Make your own: Pumpkin beer keg

By Amber Rolt on 14/10/14 10:00 AM

It’s tutorial Tuesday, and with Halloween fast approaching we have decided to share some expert Halloween tips. By now everyone has mastered the art of pumpkin faces, the options are endless – scary pumpkins, sad pumpkins, the pumpkin that is meant to look like the joker from batman but looks like a grinning fool. And yeah, putting a tea light inside it makes it look cool, but it’s a shame that a hollow pumpkin serves no extra purpose after an afternoon spent up to your elbow in pumpkin seeds.

So why not turn it into a beer keg? This nifty trick helps turn your pumpkin into the ultimate party accessory. Thanks to this video from Mashable, with a bit of help from some keys tools, enthusiasm, and good old Halloween spirit, you can be sure that your Halloween party is the best, regardless of the costumes.

Here is what you will need, and follow the video tutorial below:

·  Medium to large-sized pumpkin

·  Large carving knife

·  Marker

·  Spoon

·  Bucket

·  6 to 12 bottles of beer (see out current offers here)

Happy Halloween!