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Try the Ferrero Rocher of beers

By Bring a Bottle on 21/02/17 10:14 AM

Ferrero Rocher Beer

We have already covered recently an insight into the world of sweet treat inspired beers. Whilst they may not be the ideal tipple for some of us, for others the idea of having a sweet flavouring to your favourite beverage may be just enough to get their mouth-watering. So, we were pretty excited to hear that a Manchester brewer is bringing an amazing beer to the table, and they may just be really spoiling us with their choice!

One of the most decadent party treats, at least if you listen to their adverts, the Ferrero Rocher, has been given a boozy overhaul and is the main flavouring of the latest offering from northern delights Alphabet Brewing Company.

Named as a tribute to the frontman of political rock legends Rage Against The Machine, the Zack de la Rocher beer is a drink that we just have to try. Not only is it sure to taste great, but this beer, much like others created by the brewery has an amazing label designed by local street artists and features the namesake of the beer offering up a delectable pile of those infamous chocolates!


How do they get the flavour?

Not sure you like the idea of a Ferrero Rocher smoothie? Well then you will be pleased to know that there are no crushed-up chocolates in this beer. In fact, it is more the ingredients that are used which gives it a flavour just like the chocolates.
Dark cocoa, praline, two different malts, two different wheat and nugget hops are the rather sumptuous sounding ingredients that go into this beer. Giving it a flavour that is sure to get your taste buds tingling!

Fancy a try?

This beer is being launched on the 25th February and will cost £4 per pint (or £2 for a half if you don’t fancy going the whole hog). The only downside is that this beer won’t be sticking around. In fact, if you want to try it for yourself then you are going to need to get to the brewery in Manchester as quickly as you can! Not only is it only available at the brewery but it is limited to only 60 kegs, and if the Christmas themed Black Forest Gateau beer is anything to go by, it won’t be long before those with a sweet tooth snap it all up!