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Mini bottles of wine gain popularity

By Lia Sanders on 16/03/15 11:00 AM

Once they were derided as lamentably uncool but now mini bottles of wine are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, reports the Guardian.

Single serve bottles of wine and plastic glasses of wine are popular among health conscious members of the public, despite costing proportionally more.

For example, a 25cl bottle of Marks & Spencer Petit Chablis costs £5, although the 75cl bottle is £10.

Tesco found that last year there had been a 10% increase in “quarter” bottles (18.75cl) sold as a million more bottles were sold.

Retailers say that a wider range of good quality wines available in smaller sizes in combination with growing health consciousness have led to the increase in popularity.

Proseco is chiefly responsible for the increase in sales at Sainsbury’s where they have contributed to a 21% increase in the number of quarter bottles sold.

Ami Harmer, wine buyer for Tesco, said: “When buying a full-sized bottle of wine, there is always a temptation to finish the bottle.

“The smaller, single serve bottles of wine enable people to pour themselves a good glass and keep a close eye on the number of units they are consuming.”