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Most popular beer adverts on YouTube

By Lia Sanders on 11/12/14 3:00 PM

Beer brands spent a combined total of $23 million (£14.7m) on advertising campaigns on YouTube over the last 12 months, a report by Strike Social claims.

Bud Light got the most views on all of its YouTube videos, reaching 120 million.

Here we take you through the beer brands that earned the most hits and the campaigns they ran.

1. Bud Light (120 million views across all videos)


Taking the idea of ‘you never know where the night might take you’ to its most logical extreme, Bud Light came up with a campaign involving identical twins, a llama in a lift and Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a hairband.

2. Budweiser (106 million)


Cute animals and beer helped this one video rack up almost 54 million views by itself, meaning that it is the 7th most watched video on YouTube this year, according to The Telegraph.

3. Heineken (38 million)

Heineken bring scientific analysis (sort of) to what makes a night out particularly special, concluding with a message that is the very antithesis of binge drinking.

4. Michelob ULTRA (20.5 million)


Michelob calls on its viewers to make the most of every minute. All they can talk about, however, is the Ellie Goulding song played in the background.

5. Corona (17.6 million)


Recorded sessions with Spanish singer Dani Martin helped Corona up their hits.