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Music that allows you to ‘hear’ wine

By Lia Sanders on 6/05/15 11:00 AM

A musician has come up with compositions that replicate the sounds he hears when tasting wine.

Nick Ryan, a BAFTA award winning composer, has created three soundscapes to represent different vintages for wine company Campo Viejo.

Ryan has synaesthesia, a neurological condition where two or more senses are experienced together. In his case he hears and sees tastes.

Ryan said: “Words have limitations. They can’t always accurately describe a sensation. And people can be put off by wine labels which say it tastes of cigars, or liquorice.”

The compositions use traditional instruments as well as noises linked to wine, such as popping corks.

There are scores for a cava and two Rioja blends. Ryan says he experiences acidic wines as high pitched, while sweet fruity ones are more harmonious.

Ryan said: “The Gran Reserva is a deeper, louder sound. It needed depth. I wanted to make you trouser legs shake. The Reseva is younger and lighter and ends with the sound of rustling leaves.

“The sounds change as the experience changes in your mouth. So first you get the smell and then the taste.”