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National Buckfast Day – five facts you need to know

By Lia Sanders on 8/05/15 11:00 AM

Tomorrow marks the first ever National Buckfast Day. Almost 25,000 fans of the tonic wine will be celebrating the day according to a Facebook event proclaiming it to be “a much needed day dedicated to the World’s Greatest Wine”.

We’ve condensed everything on Buckfast to the five facts you need to know.

1) Made by Benedictine monks in Devon since the late nineteenth century, Buckfast is named for the Abbey that they live in to this day.

2) Originally sold as a medicine, in the 1920s the recipe changed to become more like a medicated wine. It was also at this time that sales of the drink began to be managed by a wine merchant.

3) Buckfast contains 15 per cent and more caffeine than Red Bull.

4) The drink has been associated with underage drinking and violent crime, particularly in the Glasgow area. A Freedom of Information request in 2013 revealed that Buckfast was mentioned in Strathclyde police reports on average 8 times a day. The distributors of Buckfast have claimed that the brand is unfairly discriminated against by the police.

5) Earlier this year it was reported that Buckfast had made more than £38 million in sales the previous year. Not bad for a few monks.