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New Year’s Eve traditions

By Lia Sanders on 31/12/14 3:07 PM

It is easy to dismiss New Year’s Eve as that drunken festival which involves awkwardly kissing strangers. However, there are many customs and traditions from all over the world that provide a different way of seeing in the New Year.

Drink a Wish

It is customary for Russians to write their wish for the New Year on a piece of paper and burn it on the stroke of midnight, before crumbling the ashes into the remains of their Champagne and drinking it.

Eat 12 grapes

Due to an overly bountiful grape harvest in 1909, the Spanish developed a tradition of eating a grape for every stroke of the clock at midnight. More challenging than it sounds, last year almost everyone in Spain took part, as well as many people in Spanish speaking countries. Not bad for a marketing ploy developed to get rid of surplus stock.

Sing Auld Lang Syne

Probably a tradition you are familiar with, the line “we’ll tak a cup of kindness yet” refers to drinking a toast to old friends. And it does provide a reason to listen to this fantastic “cover” by the appropriately named Pink Martini.