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No #dryjanuary in 2017

By Bring a Bottle on 20/02/17 3:48 PM

Dry January has become a commonplace pledge for many people around the world. Whether it is just for yourself, or perhaps to raise money for charity. This is a promise that for the first 31 days of the year, you won’t be indulging in any form of alcohol.

Whilst this may seem like a great idea for your health and wellbeing, one concern for supermarkets is that their spirits, beer and wine sales may take a hit.

However, studies have shown that this most definitely wasn’t the case for January of 2017, where Nielsen figures have shown that the sales of beer, wines and spirits were actually up 2.1%. Rather than down as they were expected to be.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise to many, especially since it is thought that Dry January is something that up 2 million people sign up to. The year started off on a positive note for retailers of alcohol it seems, and if the projected figures are anything to go by, this trend is set to continue. It is anticipated that the industry could grow by as much as 2% this year, which is a definite improvement to what was seen during 2016.


So, does this mean that healthy eating is out of the window? This trend for the first few weeks of 2017 may make you believe that the idea of healthy eating is on its way out, but this really doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, with every year that passes, it seems that more and more people are looking at their own eating habits and finding ways to improve it. Healthy eating food sales are on the increase too, Sushi, in particular is up 15% to where it was last year.

With some new and exciting spirits being released this year, we are sure that the sales of alcohol are going to stay strong during the next 12 months, and hope that plenty of people get to their local supermarkets and sample some of the delicious drinks on offer. Not only this, but as with any diet, healthy eating is a life style choice and it is simply a case of everything being in moderation. That way no treat is off limits! Especially not a delicious glass of wine or a refreshing cold bottle of beer!