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Odd ways that drink calories are represented

By Lia Sanders on 8/01/15 11:00 AM

If you are seeking to knock off the pounds after too much rich food at Christmas, you are often told to watch out for sneaky extra calories, particularly in alcohol.

A standard glass (175ml) of wine is 126 calories, while a pint of beer is 197. But because these numbers can often seem meaningless by themselves, advocates of healthy living will frequently resort to comparing them to foods which we associate with unhealthy habits.

However, some of them can come across as weirdly precise or plain odd. Here are our favourite comparisons, guaranteed to either make you swear off food and drink forever – or maybe not.

A glass of dark spirits = one yorkshire pudding

A double measure (50ml) of fortified wine = one Asda bourbon biscuit

A 275ml bottle of alcopop = one onion ring


A 330ml bottle of alcopop = three Lees teacakes

A pint of beer = one packet of McCoy’s salted crisps

A glass of Champagne = one chocolate digestive

A glass of wine = one Cadbury Heroes miniature bar

Take some comfort though – for as this video for the BBC shows, beer bellies are often caused by accompanying snacks and take-aways, rather than purely by the pints themselves.