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Oreo Beer Launches

By Bring a Bottle on 8/02/17 4:32 PM

Have you ever sat there and thought about a particular food combination that simply sounds amazing? What about if you could mix together some of your favourite food with your favourite beverage. Letting your mind wander to see what you could create.

Now, we are not going to lie, there are times when some rather interesting (or should we say bizarre) concoctions have popped into mind when thinking of flavours over the years.

Despite our vivid imaginations, a beer that we didn’t expect to see was one that had a distinctly biscuity flavour. Yet, here one is.

Introducing Oreo beer

When you think of indulging yourself with a sweet treat, Oreos are a popular one that comes to mind. What better compliment to the crunch of these dark and creamy biscuits, then a nice cold glass of milk? Well, the Veil Brewing Company in Virginia seem to think that it is about time the world of Oreos was matched with a new drinking partner.

They have created and released an Oreo beer. Yes, that is right, an Oreo flavoured beer that is just crying out for us to try it!

Thinking that the idea of a beer and a biscuit isn’t exactly appealing, well, this particular beer is actually a chocolate milk stout. Tempted now?

The Hornswoggle stout which makes the basis of this interesting beer is 7% and made from 100 pounds of crushed Oreos (enough to make your mouth water). Which makes it the ideal grown up version of a much loved children’s snack.

We love the idea of being able to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst indulging yourself in a delicious beer too. Bringing together the world of childlike joy and rather grown up fun!

With this Oreo Beer coming to the market, you have to wonder what could possibly be next in the pipeline for beers around the world. We for one are excited to find out what could be coming up, and we will make sure that we bring you the news as soon as we find out!