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Parisian bars serve wine in baby bottles

By Lia Sanders on 15/06/15 11:00 AM

Parisian bars appear to have reached a new level of hipster-ness by serving wine in baby bottles.

The trend was spotted by instagrammer theothernicryan who described it as the “worst thing I saw in Paris”.

He took a photo of dinners in a Paris restaurant who appeared to be drinking white wine or cocktails out of the bottles.

On the description of the photo he said: “Stuff of nightmares this. Imagine meeting your mates and getting there late and not knowing what the restaurant was all about and seeing all your adult friends drinking like babies and just carrying on like it was completely normal.”

The Telegraph reported that the restaurant in question was the Refuge des Fondus bar near the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre.

The restaurant has been serving the lowest-end table wine in this way since at least 2008. It began as a way of getting round the taxes charged for serving wine in traditional stemmed glasses.

More recently the bottles have been adopted by Le Zéro de Conduite which charges €16 for a cocktail in a baby bottle and €6 for refills.