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Plundered Nazi Champagne and Cognac discovered

By Lia Sanders on 8/06/15 11:00 AM

Champagne and Cognac plundered from France by the Nazis has been rediscovered in a Saxony villa.

The collection was uncovered during restoration work in the grounds of Marcolinipalais Villa by famous German restauranteur Silvio Stelzer several years ago.

A ledger from the time shows how luxuries – including salami, cheese and cigarettes, as well as the Champagne and Cognac – were stored in the villa when Allied bombing of Berlin intensified in 1944.

Prince Ernst Heinrich von Sachsen, who owned the palace at the time, made a deal with Hitler to store these goods.

Stelzer said: “The prince received a special package full of delicacies from the Führer in return.”

The survival of the bottles is remarkable since the estate was looted by the Russian army in 1945. None of the fine food survived.

Historians are studying the cellars and their contents.

The alcohol was probably for the use of high ranking SS officers and Nazi officials. Although Hitler is often described as a teetotaler vegetarian, he sometimes drank wine or beer and ate meat.