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Presents for Spirits Lovers: Gin, Whisky, Tequila and More

By Anna Spooner on 6/11/16 1:38 PM

Spirit lovers come in all shapes and sizes, from gin fiends, whisky aficionados to tequila connoisseurs. So if you’re looking for the perfect present then look no further.

Cocktail Mix Kit (£12.95 each)

Mojito Gift

These pretty little cocktail mix tubes are as delicious as they are attractive. Simply add the alcohol to these dried concoctions and you have got yourself a cocktail – hey presto! And each one makes several so they’re great for parties.

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Gym/Gin Bottle (£13.00)

Gym - Gin

Practical, hilarious and, most of all, very true. This funny water bottle is the perfect present for a gin lover. It’s their choice whether they fill it with gin or water… but we don’t recommend using a treadmill under the influence!

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Whisky School (£100)

Whisky School

 Whisky lovers can be hard to buy presents for, often they have a favourite dram and it’s hard to get them out of that rut. So, instead, expand their horizons with a day of Whisky lessons and tasting at the Whisky School in London. Surely impossible to say no!

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Personalised Tequila Shot Glass & Miniature (£8.79)

Personalised Shot

Whether you like so sip your tequila slowly or shot it one, this glass is designed to suit all needs. It’s great value for mini as it comes with a miniature bottle too.

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Cocktail Shaker (£17.99)

Cocktail Shaker

No bar is truly complete without a proper cocktail shaker. This one has recipes plotted down the sides to make cocktail mixing easier than ever, and what a great excuse to start experimenting too!

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Personalised Gin Garden Box (£36)

Gin garden

 This gin garden comes in 10 colours and includes seeds for Rosemary, Thyme and Basil – although you can plant anything you like in it. It can also be personalised, making the present even more special.

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