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Real life ‘beer googles’ track customer choices

By Lia Sanders on 4/02/15 11:00 AM

Imagine you are a brewer who is trying to get more people to drink your beer. Should you focus on getting the amount of hops or the type of yeast right?  Actually, what you really want to focus on is getting your beer pump clips looking good, according to research by a marketing professor.

Using real life ‘beer googles’ which track the eye movements of people choosing beers, Tim Froggett at Anglia Ruskin University has proved that non-beer drinkers opt for the most eye-catching pump clip.

The volunteers chose their beers at the Tram Depot pub in Cambridge, where six different beers were on tap.

Artigianale by Everards received the most attention – 1,485 eye fixations – and was chosen by 19 out of 20 participants.

This challenged current bestseller Tram Light which is the pub’s own beer. It received only 817 fixations proving that for non-beer drinkers appearance is everything.

Speaking to Cambridge News, Mr Froggett said that he wanted to take the study further: ‘We would really like to apply some science to the art of pump clips and, ultimately, help brewers.’