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Reality TV show call for wannabe winemakers

By Lia Sanders on 11/06/15 11:00 AM

A reality TV show is on the hunt for aspiring winemakers to take part in a competition that will see California go head-to-head with Oregon.

Best Bottle will pitch contestants from California and Oregon against each other in two teams each led by an established winemaker.

The show is looking for “cellar rats” to take part, a term which they define as “one who labors in the cellar (or barrel room) of a winery never seeing the light of day. Quite like a rat.”

The winning contestant, voted for by viewers and a panel of celebrity judges, will receive a $100k cash prize, a new car, the opportunity to bottle one wine under the Best Bottle label and a custom made advertising campaign.

Each week will see contestants battle it out in a series of challenges until all but two of them are eliminated. The remaining two participants will go head-to-head in the season finale.

Executive producer Scott Krauger said the show had been given the “green light” and called on wannabe winemakers to submit a three minute audition video by 1 July.