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Researchers solving the problem of bad tasting beer

By Lia Sanders on 20/04/15 11:00 AM

Scientists are attempting to find out how to prevent beer from tasting bad.

Yeast used to make beer creates a lot of heat during the brewing process which can raise the temperature of the vats, damaging the yeast and making the beer taste bad.

Dr Hazel Davey, from Aberystwyth University, has teamed up with researchers from Dijon, France to find out how yeast can be killed during the brewing process.

Dr Davey says that this dead yeast, which means that the beer cannot be sold, is essentially Marmite.

The researchers will subject the yeast to “heat shock” to find out which strains of yeast survive best at high temperatures.

Dr Davey said: “In theory, the more we know about how yeast is damaged in brewing the more we can do to help prevent bad beer.”

The problem mainly affects the big beer brands who make large amounts of beer in huge vats.

The scientists also hope they will be able to find out ways that brewers can identify the yeast that has been damaged. This will mean that they will be able to only reuse the best yeast in subsequent batches.