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Sipsmith distillery: how real spirits are made

By Amber Rolt on 16/05/14 11:03 AM


Sipsmith Independent Spirits have been distilling London’s finest spirits since 2009, and have recently moved to a new distillery in Chiswick.

Their mission is to bring the art and craft of uncompromising small batch distillation back to the capital. Their signature product is Sipsmith London Dry Gin, which they make using the traditional one-shot method.

The gin is distilled in a copper still, designed with Germany’s oldest techniques in mind. Using copper smooths the spirit, and carefully draws out the fatty acids and sulphates that give a stiff drink that unwelcome burning sensation.

Other drinks on the menu are their very own Barley vodka, Sloe gin and Summer Cup; a variation on their best selling London Dry Gin with Earl Grey tea and cucumber infusions. Their new location in Chiswick is home to their new copper still, Prudence.

This is the first copper still to launch in London for more than 200 years. All of the spirits at Sipsmith are made by hand in small batches, with a fine balance of modern technology and new recipes. Their gin distillation process carefully balances aromatic botanicals to create a dry, spicy and full flavour. The product is one of the only gins left in the world that is made using the traditional one-shot’ method, rather than from a concentrate.

The Sipsmith team will be opening for tours of their new home later in the summer, for an opportunity to meet Prudence.

Image credit: Sipsmiths