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Sparkling wines fizz to the top of the UK drinks market

By Amber Rolt on 30/09/14 10:00 AM

While many dismiss it as a cheaper version of Champagne, sparkling wine has now finally proven the critics wrong as it was officially the only alcoholic drinks category to enjoy double-digit growth over the past year.

Sales of sparkling wines were up by 24% in volume in the last 12 weeks while Champagne only managed to bubble to 6%, meaning that sparkling wine was statistically the drink of choice over the summer.

These figures come from the latest market report from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). Sales in shops of sparkling wine were up 13% in volume and 19% in value in the past 12months.

These figures are particularly strong against the backdrop of only a modest overall rise in alcohol sales of 1% and 3% in volume respectively over the last year. Wine sales in particular have slowed down, with a 3% decline in overall sales, while beer sales rose by 3% and spirits by 1%.

This increase in sales reveals an overall trend in preference towards higher value products in some categories. English sparkling wines are also becoming increasingly popular, with more being on offer in supermarkets in the run up to Christmas. The double appeal of its price and locality make it the go-to drink for celebrations.