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Speakeasy style: glasses in disguise

By Lia Sanders on 4/12/14 3:00 PM

Famously, Prohibition speakeasies served their customers drinks in teacups in case they were raided by the police. In this vein we’ve come up with a list of other drinking receptacles that are in disguise.

1) Jam jars

It is the cocktail glass of choice in hipster bars across the country and easily mistaken for a humble preserve. Any washed out jar will do, although for extravagance Fancy Redneck have jars – with stems.
2) Shoes

Champagne-based Tallulah cocktails at the Ritz are drunk from a Christian Louboutin shoe glass, the sole turning his signature red. If you can’t visit the Ritz, you can still drink from your slipper like the original Tallulah Bankhead did, which has the added benefit of being easy to hide in a hurry.
3) Glass tank

We think this design would fox any Prohibition officer – largely because we’re still struggling to figure out how it works. Its maker claims that it is perfectly balanced, never overflowing because of the way the air and water pressures work together.
4) Ice shot mould

In moments of heat, you can rely on this glass to melt away into an unsuspicious puddle.