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Student gets a PhD in how to become a wine expert

By Lia Sanders on 8/04/15 11:00 AM

Australian psychology student Alex Russell has spent seven years investigating how novices become wine experts for his PhD.

From his research, done at the University of Sydney, he says that “anyone with a working nose and mouth” can become a wine expert.

Here are his ten tips to help you on your way.

1) It takes four hours

After an hour and a half of tasting people start to learn the differences and after four hours they see a great improvement.

2) Drink different types of wine

3) Taste wines side-by-side

4) Shut your eyes

It is hard to identify a particular odour if you can’t see a the source.

5) Add your own flavours

If you can’t imagine what a chocolatey or peachy flavour in a wine would be like, add a little of that flavour so you can try it.

6) Know the lingo

7) Experts don’t have supersenses

They are just better at identifying what they smell or taste.

8) Expensive wine better reflects its region

9) You need to read about wine too

10) Don’t give up if you make mistakes

Even experts were fooled by a tasting in which white wine was dyed red.