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Tesco to launch home wine tastings

By Amber Rolt on 9/07/14 10:00 AM

Supermarket Tesco will launch a new interactive wine tasting scheme this summer, taking wine tasting to UK homes.

Based on its online wine tasting trial, Tesco has announced that it will launch this new format, called ‘Tastings in the Community’ over the summer.

There will be ten tastings held across the UK, and customers will have the opportunity to pitch for the tastings to be held in their own home or the community.

Tesco wine ambassadors Nathan Nolan and Helena Nicklin will be hosting the tastings, presenting a range of wines chosen based on customer preferences.

The ethos of the concept is that it should have a broad appeal and be accessible to all, making it less intimidating than other tastings available. This will give consumers the opportunity to openly ask the experts about wine.

The first community tasting will take place on July 9 in Launceston, Cornwall for 50 customers with a focus on wines of the New World and will be hosted by Nolan.

The arrival of the UK’s biggest supermarket on the home tasting scene demonstrates a shift in the UK wine industry and the changing relationship between wine drinking consumers and the retail sector.

For more information, head to the official website.