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The best alcoholic advent calendars

By Lia Sanders on 28/11/14 3:00 PM

Since Power Rangers’ advent calendars are only acceptable at a certain stage in one’s life, we have done a round up of the best grown-up calendars that will help you count down the days.

At Selfridges, Drinks by the Dram have whisky, cognac and rum calendars (£140 each) to choose between. All of them come decorated with a picture of the same moustachioed gent, with his trusty pet curled at his feet. Moustache and animal change depending on the drink so feel free to make your decision based on a love of poodles or handlebar facial hair.

Ginvent, by the Gin Foundry, is made up of 23 botanical gins as well as one base gin. They range from independent distilleries to the big names in spirits. Among the 30ml bottles is a sample of Bathtub Gin, winner of the World’s Best Compound Gin 2014.

There is little joy for beer drinkers, since the limited edition Best of British beer calendar has sold out.

All of these, however, are more costly than your average advent calendar. Ginvent is selling at £114.95, meaning that this might be one we have to put on our Christmas wish list.