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The Best Halloween Party Drinks

By Bring a Bottle on 16/10/13 1:06 PM

With Halloween not too far away if you’re planning a themed party then along with some pumpkin carvings, spooky decorations and a great outfit you need some unusual drinks to make it go with a bang. Here are our top selections for Halloween party alcoholic drinks to make your party stand out from the crowd.

Hobgoblin Beer


The ‘unofficial drink of Halloween’ Wychwoods Hobgoblin is a rich full-bodied beer that is promoted as the anti-lager and a beer with flavour. Chosen by none other than Barak Obama (he was seen sipping some at the G20 summit) along with Prime Minister David Cameron. Buy Hobgoblin Beer

Crystal Head Vodka


The brainchild of Hollywood actor Dan Ackroyd Crystal Head is more than a smartly designed bottle. The smooth taste comes from the triple distillation process and the pure glacial spring water. If this wasn’t enough it is filtered 7 times, with the last filtration through diamonds. Buy Crystal Head Vodka

Brothers Toffee Apple Cider


Originally created by famous Cider brand Brothers as a limited edition for Halloween and the 5th November the producers caved into demand and started producing this special drink all year round.  An aroma of Toffee, Cloves, Cinnamon and cream soda makes this a timely drink for Halloween. Buy Brothers Cider

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum


Named after a mythical sea beast Kraken is an imported Rum from the Caribbean that is aged for up to 2 years and then blended with a secret mix of spices and natural ingredients imparting a unique flavour. With hints of strong spice and caramel it is perfect for a spicy twist on long drinks or simply served neat. Buy Kraken Rum

Pernod Absinthe


Created by the original Absinthe distiller Pernod this is a modern version of the original ‘green fairy’ first created by Pernod in 1805. The traditional way of drinking Absinthe is to dip a sugar cube into the liqueur with a spoon and to then light the sugar cube allowing the caramel to drip back into the glass, before adding water to extinguish the flames. A great spectacle for serving drinks. Buy Pernod Absinthe