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The Top Celebrity Drinks Brands

By Bring a Bottle on 16/10/13 4:06 PM

Actors and Musicians have long since tried their hands at other roles. Avocado farming, writing childrens books or diamond mining (Tom Selleck,Madonna and Akon respectively) have appealed to some whereas others have set themselves the challenge of crafting the worlds finest Beers or Sprits. Not to be taken lightly, they have a reputation to protect after all, these are part of a growing trend for Celebrity Drinks.

Iron Maiden’s Trooper Beer


When you’ve won 22 awards (including a Grammy and a Brit), performed to over 10 million people and had 12 platinum selling albums (that’s over 80 million sold) life might get a bit monotonous going from gig to gig. Iron Maiden have been showing up the rest of the music business by keeping busy in novel ways. Front man Bruce Dickinson (not to be confused with SNL’s The Bruce ‘More Cowbell’ Dickinson) currently works as a Pilot for an Australian Airline and the rest of the Band are busy brewing beer. While it might seem like little more than a hobby they’ve sold over two million pints of beer since May 2013 and that number seems to have no intention of slowing down.


Bruce Willis’s Sobieski Vodka


As the largest private shareholder in Sobieski Vodka (the name means Noble in polish) Bruce Willis has had to do his fair share of promoting the brand. Thankfully though all that hard work appears to be paying off with the brand picking up sales in the United States and getting rave reviews. What started out as a small venture looks to be on track to overtake some of the larger Vodka brands. In the words of one reviewer “it’s smooth with a taste of honey, better than most that are double the price”, we can’t wait to try it.


Justin Timberlake’s 901 Silver Tequila


Actor, Singer, Internet Entrepreneur and now Drinks magnate, is there anything that Justin Timberlake can’t do?  Back in 2009 Timberlake co-founded 901 Tequila, named after the area code of Memphis  where he grew up, and partnered up with a small Mexican distillery to produce the triple distilled Tequila. While a lot of people might sniff at a celebrity getting involved in the production of something as refined as Tequila this is the real deal and has had some of New Yorks top mixologists singing its praises.


Danny DeVito’s Limoncello


After appearing on an early morning TV show in a slightly animated mood it transpired during the chat with the hosts that Danny DeVito’s mood was due to a lack of sleep, the fault of the “Seventh Limoncello” with George Clooney the previous night. Such was the uproar it was a natural step for DeVito go into the spirits business and his own brand of Limoncello was launched a year later. Despite the unusual beginnings the Limoncello is made in Sorrento, Italy and has been called “bright and clean…..with few faults”.


Ron Jeremy’s Ron de Jeremy


One of the benefits of being a ‘niche’ actor is that you can afford to have more fun with your image than most and Ron has certainly been doing that over the years. With Ron being the Spanish for Rum it seems inevitable that there was going to be a Ron Jeremy Rum, in this case called ‘Ron de Jeremy’.   Distilled in Panama the 7 Year old Rum (there is also a Spiced version) is the product of a partnership with a Cuban master distiller and this means that the drink itself is far from just a novelty.