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There’s an ant in my gin

By Lia Sanders on 21/11/14 3:18 PM

Aside from jungle-based celebrity reality TV shows, most of us try to avoid the idea of consuming anything to do with creepy crawlies.

Yet a new premium gin is proudly proclaiming that it comes with the essence of ant – with a minimum of 62 bugs in every bottle.

To make Anty Gin, expert foragers gathered over six thousand red wood ants from the forests of Kent, UK.

These ants produce formic acid in their abdomens which they use to defend their homes by spraying any intruders. Coincidentally, this same acid also acts as a reactive compound in alcohol.

By distilling the ants alongside the gin, the makers claim this acid creates aromatic esters, giving the drink its distinctive taste.

The 40% abv gin was made by the Nordic Food Lab, an organisation dedicated to culinary exploration, and the Cambridge Distillery, a bespoke gin maker.

Only 99 bottles have been made in the first batch, every one hand-labelled with a tag printed on a 1924 typewriter.

Other ingredients include Bulgarian juniper berries, nettles and wild springtime botanicals.

Each 700ml bottle costs £200 and comes with 50ml dropper bottle of pure ant distillate.