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Top 5 beer can designs

By Lia Sanders on 26/01/15 8:28 PM

It is 80 years since beer started being sold in cans. To mark the birthday celebrations we rounded up some of the most striking beer can designs available nowadays. And if beer cans really are your cup of tea, check out the remarkable beer can museum in Massachusetts.


5. Pony Pilsner – Half Acre Beer Co

Line up three cans of this 5.8% beer and you can see the whole width of this sheepish-looking pony and his monkey companion.


4. Lyric Ale – Orpheus Brewing

The tragic myth of the musician Orpheus has inspired this rather slickly designed can with its beautiful line drawing.

Aluminum beer can isolated over white

3. Hilliard’s

Don’t be deceived by these rather plainly designed cansĀ  – the patterns have enough variety in their checks and stripes to deck out a rather well dressed gentleman.


2. Reasonably Corrupt – Great Raft Brewing

An Edwardian gent with a snake on his head – what is not to love?


1. Churchkey

This old school design goes back to the original beer cans which could only be opened by stabbing a hole in them with a “churchkey”.

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