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Top 5: Bottle Boys songs

By Lia Sanders on 9/04/15 11:00 AM

YouTube sensations the Bottle Boys have collaborated with Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban on their latest advert.

Using only beer bottles and the sounds made by preparing sushi, the advert is a performance of “Radetzky March“.

Ever since the group of friends did some improvised busking on the streets of Denmark ten years ago, they have been using their beer bottles to grow an international fan base.

We took the occasion to list our favourite Bottle Boys’ covers.

1) Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean”

Racking up over 6 million views, this version of the Michael Jackson is the Bottle Boys’ most watched video.

2) Epic movie themes

This one may be a slight cheat since the Boys did have the help of the Budapest Art Orchestra. Still their versions of every epic soundtrack from Indiana Jones to Game of Thrones is undeniably impressive.

3) Village People – “YMCA”

The group explain how they manage to make music out of recycled materials before launching into this disco classic.

4) LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

The only Bottle Boys song on iTunes…so far.

5) Video games mash-up

Go on a nostalgia trip with tunes from Pokemon and Tetris.