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Top 5 craft beer puns

By Lia Sanders on 9/01/15 11:00 AM

The abundance of craft brewers in America means that there are regular disputes over the trademarks of beer names and label designs. This is a particular problem when it comes to puns because there are only so many beer puns in existence. We have picked out some of the best (or worst) around that are guaranteed to make you hoppy.

5. Bitter & Twisted


A golden 4.2% ale which Scottish Harvieston Brewery mysteriously claims got its name when one day “a wee fracas broke out in the brewhouse”.

4. Sweet Child of Vine


It may be pushing it a bit to call a hop a vine, but the description of the beer as “balanced, complex and approachable” wins us over.

3. Rye of the Tiger


Another song pun, this India Pale Ale goes all in with the tiger theme for its description, claiming that “this kitty has claws”.

2. Hoptimus Prime


Dry hopping for two weeks and three types of malt transforms (hee hee) this beer into a strong 9% ale.

1. The Big LeBarrelski

So obscure we can’t even find a picture for it, this beer from Pinthouse Pizza gets points purely because the pun is so horribly, delightfully forced.

And if the whole thing just drives you hopping mad, you’ll identify with this cartoon.