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Top 5: Flavoured Vodkas

By Amber Rolt on 19/05/14 10:00 AM

As the official drink of our decade, Bring a Bottle hunt out the best flavoured vodkas on the market.

Grey Goose – Le Cirton


There are several variations of this winning combination on offer, but nobody has it as finely tuned as Grey Goose. Their Le Citron vodka is made using citrus oil extract from French lemons, which gives it a zesty flavour, which goes well with almost everything.


Absolut – Cherrykran


Sun ripe cherries, fresh white cranberry and sweet plum are the main players in Absolut’s Cherrykran. It has plenty of punch alone, but the fruity flavours make it very easy to mix.


Van Gogh – Acai-Blueberry


Van Gogh have taken flavour infusions to a new level with their acai blueberry flavour vodka. The fruits give it a deep purple colour, and the intensity of the super acai berry gives it the extra benefit of antioxidants. This purple magic means you can retox and dextox simultaneously.


360 Vodka – Double Chocolate


This is one for sweet teeth and eco-conscious. Not only does this vodka boast a smooth and rich chocolate flavour, but their brand is the first eco-friendly vodka.


Smirnoff – Coconut


This tropical mix can transport you to a holiday state of mind, and was the winner of the San Franciso World Spirits Competition in 2011.


Image credits: creative commons