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Top 5: French Rosé wines

By Amber Rolt on 24/07/14 10:00 AM

Rosé is finally getting the respect that it deserves, and it is no coincidence that summer is in full throw. From pale pinks, to blush reds, whether you turn your nose or slurp away in the sunshine, attitudes towards rosé are changing for the best, and sales of Provence rosé magnums are set to double this year. We’ve chosen the top 5 rosé’s that we think you should be sipping.


1. Joseph Mellot Sancerre Rosé ‘Le Rabault’, Loire Valley, France

While the majority of Sancerre is white, the rest which is made with Pinot Noir is often overlooked. This pale rosé is made in the style of the Beaujolais through carbonic maceration, where fermentation takes place within individual berries. It has a crisp and refreshing taste, distinctive of the rosé from the region.


2. Domaine Bruno Clair Marsannay Rosé, Burgundy, France

Marsanny are the only village level wine in Burgundy allowed to produce rosé. They are also under strict rules to make it only with Pinto Noir and Gamay with Bruno Clair. Made using the traditional bleed method, the grapes are left on their skins for around 48 hours to give them a slight hint of colour. The result is a fruity, dry, well-preserved rosé.


3. Chateau Brown Rosé, Graves, France

Bordeaux isn’t really known for producing pinks, but this one makes the list. It is a deep pink perfumed rosé, with a blend of Cabernet and Merlot with hints of blackcurrant. This rosé sets the bar for future Bordeaux pinks, and makes it a perfect drink for the summer in the sun.


4. Domaine Ott Rosé ‘Château Mireille’, Provence, France

Château Mireille was the first of the ‘super’ rosé’s to appear on the market, taking European shopping and restaurant wine lists by storm and putting Provence at the top of the rosé map. It has a pale peach colour, with a polished and creamy texture as well as a balanced acidity and dry finish, which has set the standard for Provence rosé to come.


5. AIX Rosé 2013 Coteaux d’Aix en Provence

Another rosé from Provence, from one of the region’s largest and most prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Séouve. Served boldly in a party ready magnum in restaurants and the South of France’s finest beach clubs, AIX is making its mark as the definitive Provence rosé.