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Top 5: Rum brands we love

By Amber Rolt on 19/08/14 10:00 AM

Once the tipple of pirates, Rum has a story deeply routed in history. It is made all over the world, and although some of the traditional methods may have changed since its inception from the sugar cane plantations in the Carribbean basin, this golden tipple is no longer just for the navy. It is now a world class beverage, which shows no signs of slowing down, with a 17% rise in global volumes predicted in the next few years. We’ve had a rum-mage through the top brands to share our favourites with you.


1. Mount Gay White Special Reserve

Mount Gay is what rum is all about. As the oldest distillery in Barbados, its plethora of rum is some of the finest and most respected among rum drinkers. Mount Gay white special reserve has a rich caramelized flavour with undertones of butterscotch for a smooth twist to the traditional rum taste. Perfect in cocktails or straight on the rocks for a true Carribbean experience, wherever you are.


2. El Dorado

El Dorado truly is nectar of the gods. Made in Guyana, and aged for 15 years before serving, this liquid gold has won countless medals for its complex flavour and texture. It beat several other aged liquors and managed to bag a spot on the Forbes list of top 10 sums. Woody and crisp, in a similar nature to cognac, this is a rum not to be missed.


3.  33 OP

From the Inner Circle Rum Company in Australia, this tipple has won the award for Best Rum in the World every year for more than a decade. With a base alcohol content of 75.9% ABV and pot distilled brewing process, this rum is the nearest you can get to the true liquor of the seas. First produced in the mid 19th Century by the Colonial Sugar Company, this dark rum is a real taste of history, and an absolute must for any rum enthusiast. Drink, enjoy, and learn.


4. Old Monk Rum

A dark rum which is blended and aged for seven years in India with whole vanilla and special spices. Its distinct and spicy taste has earned it title of the most purchased rum in the world, and is the most popular rum to come out of India and was first marketed in 1854. No wonder it has received a gold rating every year since 1982.


5. Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum

This is the top selling rum from the world class drinks company Diageo. It is said that Captain Morgan the Privateer was one of the most successful buccaneers in the history of piracy, and his rum has set the standard of sales and marketing for the spiced rum market. Amber in colour with a pleasing aroma of rum and vanilla with the light accent of cloves, the cinnamon and nutmeg flavours mean it works great in cocktails.


Featured image credit: creative commons