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Top 5: Summer BBQ and wine combinations

By Amber Rolt on 23/05/14 10:00 AM

Summer is nearly here, which means the grills are on, and the flavours are strong. With hearty bold flavours at a BBQ, choosing the right wine is important. Bring a bottle makes some full-flavoured matches to signature BBQ dishes.



Grilled fish + Albariño

Albariño has a delicious grapefruity tang, which perfectly compliments grilled fish. Find Bring a Bottle’s Albariño suggestion here.




Grilled Pork or Beef + Zinfandel

Zindanfel’s luscious fruit taste goes well with hearty BBQ meats. The slight spicy edge makes is what makes it the perfect match. Find Bring a Bottle’s Zinfandel suggestion here.




Grilled Salmon + Pinot Noir

Salmon and a light bodied Pinot Noir have similarly silky textures, and the berries and spices give the meal a warm flavour, complimented by the sweet, pungent fish. Click here for our suggestion.




Grilled shrimps, scallops, lobster + Pinot Gris

A succulent, mineral white Pinot Gris brings out the flavour of a seafood BBQ. The full-mouth feel and clam viscosity offer hints of fresh pear juice and elderflower berries, making it the perfect wine for summer. Click here for our suggestion.




Barbecued ribs + Cabernet Sauvignon

The deep crimson colour of this powerful, tannic red id the perfect bodied red to go with smoky BBQ ribs. Click here for our suggestion.

Image credits: creative commons